Interview with Angela Felsted

During my 200 follower giveaway I had many people stop by and enter. Angela over at My Poetry and Prose Place won an interview. But really aren't we the ones winning when we get to hear about other authors and poets? Please visit her blog and enjoy her interview.

Your Bio says your a writer, musician and poet. If you had to put them in order of favorite, could you? If so what would it be?

Poetry first. It’s in my blood. If you cut me with a knife, I’d probably
bleed words.

How long have you been writing?

I've been writing BADLY all my life. In fact, I almost failed freshman English
when I was in college. I dreaded writing then, saw it like a horrible demon
that was out to get me. Mostly because of all the rules I had to follow:
grammar, punctuation, staying away from passive voice.
Yep, if writing was a demon, all those horrible rules were its teeth.
Then, about three years ago, I started writing out of desperation. I had too
many ugly feelings and no where to put them. So I put them on paper, and I
discovered something awesome. Writing has healing powers.
See, I used to have a perpetually bleeding lower lip. But it wasn't until I
started writing that I realized those scabs and scars were emotional. I was
able to stop picking at my lip though writing. So I suppose you could say it
was my miracle cure.

How long have you been a poet?

I started writing poetry regularly my freshman year at college.

I see you have a published work titled "Care" at The Christian Poet.
Would you tell us about it?

It's a sonnet. Probably the first sonnet I took seriously. Although, when I
started writing "Care" in fifth grade it was nothing more than a
disorganized sketch of my feelings. “Care” was my first therapy piece.

I often see poems or snippets of them in books mostly at the chapter
headings. I feel like the really set the tone for the following pages. How do
you feel about that.

I love that.

Do you think poets get the credit they deserve?

Yes. Because poets don't write for money and fame, they write for love.

What is your favorite poet/ favorite poem.

Favorite Children's Poet: Robert Louis Stevenson.

Favorite Adult poet: Lucille Clifton.

Favorite Poem: The Highwayman

What are your inspirations for writing poetry?

My kids, events from my past, and feelings when they come in strong waves. I
have random stuff circling around in my head constantly. So often times I'm not
even sure what's in there until I put pen to paper.

Would you please tell us about your novel.

The one I'm working on now takes place at West Springfield High School in the
Washington DC suburbs, where Katrina Jackson, the daughter of an anti-Mormon
pastor is forced to pair up with Mormon Quinn Walker for physics class.
The most fun thing about writing this story is that it's told from 1st person
alternative points of view. And I have to admit, writing from the POV of a guy
is a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

Do you have any advice for someone interested in writing poetry.

I think the most important thing a beginning poet can do is write.

Thank you Angela so much for this and I hope everyone reads at least one poem today to enrich our lives.


  1. Thanks for the interview, Angela and Lisa. I enjoyed reading it. Angela, I like the way the process of writing poetry helps corral the thoughts in your mind and give them focus. It's amazing how many ways writing is beneficial to us.

  2. Wonderful to hear more about you, Angela!

  3. Great interview! I loved learning so much new stuff about you, Angela!!

  4. Angela is a prolific and visceral poet. She is also my awesome poetry pal. She's fearless about what she puts down on paper, which is refreshing.

    Nice work sister!

  5. Awesome interview, ladies! I TOTALLY believe in the healing power of writing. I'm a person who can't always articulate my feelings in spoken words, the way I want to. So, writing has always been therapeutic for me.

    And Angela's poetry rocks! I love The Highwayman, too...ever since watching Anne Shirley deliver it ~ :)

  6. Thanks for the comments and please don't forget to hop over to Angela's blog and check it out.

  7. I enjoyed this interview! I admire poets for doing what I cannot. The Highwayman-I like the rhythm of that one.

  8. Thanks for the great interview Angela and Lisa.

    It was great reading about Angela and I'm going over to check her blog now. Thanks for sharing.

    BTW, I'm hosting Roland D Yeomans today, who self-published his book THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS and is sharing his journey with us as well as a four book giveaway!

  9. Thanks, everyone, for the wonderful comments. And thank you Lisa for the interview! :D

  10. It's great to read more about Angela! I love her blog. Her poetry is always fantastic.

  11. Great interview. I really appreciate the skill with words poets have. To be able to capture hundreds of emotions in just a few short words is amazing.

  12. I like your blog! I'm following you and I am also taking part in the A-Z Challenge, I look forward to seeing your entries. RuthieTootieWishes


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