Suspicious Minds

No, I'm not talking about one of my favorite Elvis songs. That's a whole other blog. Suspicious Minds is something my muse and I have. We see conspiracies EVERYWHERE and it works so well for us. Let me explain.

Do you ever see a news segment about a furniture store in Washington D.C. exploding from a natural gas build up? Of maybe a perfectly healthy Mexican government official has a heart attack on the eve of a new law being passed?

My muse and I see conspiracies. We see the furniture store exploding because of a intel deal gone bad. We see the government official being assassinated because he opposed the law.

Be suspicious, in your story let your characters be suspicious. Let the reader wonder if what their reading is the real deal or is there something more sinister behind it. Then show it to them. Hide things from your characters and make them wonder about each other. They will react in some very telling ways.

Check out the news this weekend and see how many alternate endings there could be. Be suspicious. Be paranoid. See conspiracies. Be the person in the trench coat on the corner. Watching. Waiting. Then write.

Happy Writing

Wednesday's Word

Hey Everyone ;)

Since I'm new to the blogging world my post will be sporadic at first. I hope to settle into a nice routine that works with my writing time and my "other life". However I would like to start something called "Wednesday's Words". You might have done this in school or during the summer when your parents where tired of you complaining you were bored. No? OOOKK, so maybe just my parents. :) I do it to my kids and sometimes they like it but most of the time they fake like they do. (Anything to make them suffer. MMUUHHAAHHAAA)

As a new writer I feel constantly challenged to use more exciting words and expressions. My everyday vocabulary is just what it is. EVERYDAY VOCABULARY. I feel like it transfers over into my writing and makes for an everyday story.

With Wednesday's Words I want to introduce a word or phrase I don't normally say everyday. I want to use it at least once on Wednesdays and maybe make my vocab a little more colorful. Not to mention all the funny looks I'll get when I ask the bank teller to "please give me diminutive bills".

So the word for my very first Wednesday is :


I like this word for several reasons.

1. It feels good when I saw it. Even better if I say it slowly.
2. It brings to mind biting into a just picked over ripe peach , still warm from the sun.
3. The spelling looks pretty to me. Go figure.

So for today I shall strive to say Luscious at least once in a conversation.

Will you try for Wednesday's Word or will you try one of your own you've been dying to use? If you use your own what is it?

Happy Writing

Crusaders Rachael Harrie

I stumbled across this lovely blog through one of my writing buddies. This is just what I needed so I'm going out on a limb and telling any new writer or blogger with questions or just in the need of support to check it out and join. The Crusade for 2010 has wrapped up but there will be a new one in early 2011.

Happy Writing

Genre's and other chocolate candies.

Since I'm new to this lovely thing called writing, I'm not sure about the lure of different genres. I have read almost every possible category and I get excited when I see a new one pop up. When I started writing a few months ago I didn't pay genres any attention. I was just tickled I was writing.

I started off writing YA. Not on purpose, that's just how my characters developed. However, a few chapters in I noticed a shift towards an older more mature overtone. I've decided to just let it flow and see where it takes me. I don't intend to write YA exclusively but when I look over my other ideas for future wips they all seem to be YA or could be with small adjustments.

I must admit I am a little confused as to why we have genres. I mean they're all books, right? Like those delicious chocolate candies. They're all the same but different shapes and flavors. So, do we seperate these lovely bound works of art just for the libraries to know where to put them? Or do we do it for the consumer so they can hurry to "their" section in the store or online. Or is it for the writer so we have some sort of boundry to stay in? Maybe it's our underlying human need to catergorize everything into an organized system of understanding. I don't know but I do know that just like those candies, I love them all!!

Do you find yourself staying true to one genre in both your writing and reading? Or do you like to spread your attention around?