Guest Interview Tomorrow!!! Angela Felsted

Hey guys and gals. If your looking for my crusader challenge #2 click here.

Please check back Wednesday when I have an awesome guest interview with Angela Felsted at My Poetry and Prose Place . Until then some randomness.

I once wrote a check for over a million dollars at a company I worked for. (I was one of the financial peeps) Anyway, I had to practise writing out the numbers before I did it because I was so scared I would mess it up.

I came home yesterday to find one of my 14yr old twins sitting on the couch with tin foil wrapped around his head. I asked him why he was wasting my foil and he replied "The Aliens were trying to contact me but I've deflected their attempts."

I hate meatloaf but love the way it smells when its cooking.

Can you guys tell I haven't started my revision yet? My muse is bored and won't come out to play so I really have to start on it soon. See ya tomorrow


  1. Muses play to their own tune don't they?

  2. Muse is taking vacation? She'll get tired of it eventually. I haven't started either.


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