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With Valentine's day tomorrow I thought I'd pass along some love to the blog-o-sphere. I follow well over 100 blogs and growing. I'm still amazed at the amount of topics covered and shared. From jokes to tutorials, none of you disappoint! Here are a few blogs I stalk er check on regularly. These are not the only ones but just a handful of the many, many wonderful people out there. If you don't see your blog, don't worry I stalk you too. I'll share more later. Some of these blogs are funny, some I like their titles and some go out of their way to link us together. But all contribute to the writing community in one form or another. Big writer hugs to all!! Please go check them out.

Happy Day Before V-Day!

Alexia Chamberlynn
Ellie Garratt
T.C. McKee
Iggi and Gabbi
Rachael Harrie
J.A. Souders


  1. I put together a special Valentine's post and sent out a special "thank you" to you.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Happy V-day fellow crusader.

    I dropped by to say hi and follow.


  3. All great bloggers. Happy Valentine's Day Crusader. Don'tcha just love the new graphic?

  4. Happy heart day fellow crusader! I follow most of those blogs too!

  5. Michael,
    *waves* hi there

    YES I love it.

    "Heart day" Love that!

  6. I'm really not sure what tightening dialogue means in this case. I'd have to read the rest of the excerpt. Does it move your story forward? Or does it feel like it's just thrown in? Does it give away something MAJOR about the character...or is it one of those things the reader doesn't REALLY have to know?

    BTW that is an AWESOME prize that you won. And don't worry about not getting any revisions in ahead of time...honestly, think of how much you'll learn before you even get to revision. We tend to make the same mistakes over and over, so with this critique, you will probably have many of those problems at the front of your mind when you write in the future.


  7. Hey Lisa, ooh thanks for the shout-out. Big hugs back to you :)

    So glad you've come on board the Crusade, it's all pretty awesome already.



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