Once Upon a Time......

I love a great fairy tale. They really stand the test of time. From the very earliest known stories passed down from generation to generation to the new age tales. They incorporate the basic good vs. evil with great abandon. There is no way to improve on these classics. Right? Wellll, I thought what if we give them some new twists and maybe update them a little. Here are my takes on a few of my favs.

Snow White and the Seven Followers:
After fleeing the evil Queen of Blogland Snow White strikes out on her own. Finding a merry band of Seven Followers she learns to trust herself and find her true love in the Blogosphere.
List of the Seven Followers:
1. Happy
2. Grumpy
3. Stalker
4. Commenter
5. Pervert
6. Dead Link
7. Word Verification

Beauty and the Agent
After Beauty becomes lost in Manuscript Forest she must climb Query Mountain to find the lofty castle lair of the Agent. Through many e-mail encounters and pleasantries Beauty tames the Agent and falls in love with him thus shattering the rose curse of the slush pile.

Goldilocks and the Three Critiquers
While walking in Spellcheck Woods, Goldilocks stumbles upon the home of the Three Critiquers.
Momma Critiquer's advice was too simplistic
Papa Critiquer's advice was too eloquent.
Baby Critiquer's was just right......

Tune in next week when we go behind the scenes of the new reality show "Rapunzel, Revision's Mistress" and crack the mob ring better know as Brother's Grammar.

Do you have a twist you'd like to see in a fairy tale?


  1. Very cute. I really liked the seven followers. Pervert hasn't found me yet. LOL

  2. Fun post! Hmmm... What could you possibly be dreaming about recently. Snow white made me laugh and beauty and the agent made me giggle.

  3. Hahaha! Loved this. I haven't had the Pervert yet, either, so could I replace him with the Antagonizer? You know, the Follower who shows up and argues just to argue.

    Great post!

  4. Susan,
    he hasn't found me yet either. What's taking him so long?? ;)

    My muse is bored but doesn't have the time for long haul projects you know.

    Ahg, How could I forget that one? Yep replace at will.

    I keep mispelling your name as Ela.. Thanks.

  5. Hey there! I found you through the Platform-building Crusade. Nice to meet you! Adorable post.

  6. My whole life seems like one long Fractured Fairy Tale sometimes. LOL. I loved this post. Roland

  7. Lindz,
    Welcome. I'm slowly getting around to the crusaders. hope to see you often here and on your blog. Thanks for stopping by.

    Welcome to you too. I know, isn't life crazy sometimes.

  8. Hahahahaha I loved this...

    I might be thinking about other fairy tales now.


  9. This is so great. Loved this. Can't wait to read all about the Revisions Mistress.

  10. Very funny! Looking forward to Rapunzel!

  11. Hello fellow Crusader. Thank you for stopping over at my blog. Very nice to meet you. I must say I had a bit of a chuckle at this post. Very creative!

  12. Misha,
    hehe. Makes the Muse perk up doesn't it.

    Thanks. It's a doozy.


    Welcome. Glad to have you and hope you see you around the crusades!!

  13. I love these! SO clever. Grumpy. Pervert. Ah my old friends...

  14. Snow White and the Seven Followers is my favorite :)

  15. Haha!! I love the Snow White one!!!!! Very clever!! :-)

  16. Clarissa,
    HEHE I miss them too sometimes. lol

    Thanks. I liked them too.



  17. What fun! I haven't yet decided which of Snow White's seven followers I am, but I'm sure I'd like to be baby critiquer...

    I'm looking forward to getting to know you during the crusade.

  18. Tony,
    Thanks, I think I'd be grumpy or word veri. See ya around here and your blog and th emany other crusaders.

  19. These are awesome! I always sorta thought Jack in Jack and the Beanstalk was a thief. Some versions of the story say the giant stole all the stuff from Jack's father, but a lot of them don't which makes Jack a thief. Either that or the story is telling you it's okay to take stuff that doesn't belong to you as long as the rightful owner is mean/ugly. Tsk tsk.

  20. Vicki,
    You are soo right. You know I think you just gave me an idea for a future post. Thanks!!

  21. Oh my this is great! I am totally tweeting this, a thousand or more writers/publisher-seekers would love to read this!

    I am a new follower and a fellow Crusader.

  22. Margo,
    Welcome and I thank you. I hope to see you around here and your blog as well as the crusades. *waves*

  23. Hilarious! Thanks, I really needed a laugh.

  24. Sylvia,
    Thanks. We can always use some laughs.

  25. Heehee, my favorite is the "Seven Followers" - LOL! Happy to have found your lovely blog via the Crusade and look forward to following.


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