Writer's Heaven

I love to fold towels. ONLY. Which translates into I HATE laundry. But that's a whole other post. I just finished my last load of towels and put them away. In doing so I walked through my bedroom into my bathroom. Which also means I walked through my office and into my bathroom. YUP you got it. My work/office/meditation room/muse playroom is also my bedroom. My computer is shoved into the corner with my elliptical machine and bright pink filing cabinet. My notebooks are stacked under the desk and my papers/research/notes are scattered willy-nilly in my corner. This is not by choice. We live in a small home and just don't have the room for me to expand right now. We do have plans this year to start building a larger home but you know how that goes.

The point of this post is to explore your writer's heaven or cave or den or just plain 'ole office.
I imagine mine to be a small room set off to the side out of the way. With windows that look out into my imaginary garden. Although small my room is filled with off the wall art, sculptures and whimsical oddities. I would have a small desk and capable laptop with my pink filing cabinet. I would love to have exotic rugs and throws tossed around the room. The walls would be a mixture of texture and lovely colors. Plants and flowers would be lining the walls and falling over any surface not filled with strange knick-knacks. Masks from tribes around the world would stare down at me from high on the wall and my ceiling would be painted with clouds and tree tops.

That's my writing heaven. I would freak if (when) I ever have a room like that to myself.

So what's your writing heaven like? Do you already have your heaven or are you on your way to finding one? What one thing MUST you have in your office?


  1. I must have chocolate in my office...and lots of purple pens...and a comfortable chair.

  2. Ohh! Daydreaming - my favorite. I would have a comfortable chair for reading, lounging and daydreaming. There would be floor to ceiling shelves for my books and mementos on one wall and my desk and a laptop angled in the corner. A fireplace somewhere would be nice, as well as a TV, when I need a little "Movie inspiration." I want earthy colors with wild accents here and there and a place for my dogs to sit in the sun and watch the world go by as I write.

  3. Lynda,

    Welcome welcome. OHHH I can't believe I totatlly left chocolate out. Well maybe I just ASSUMED that was a staple for any sane person. Insane too since I can't get enough chocolate. Pens too are something I must have. Colorful ones. I use mainly link and blue gel ink. They don't last long but are sooo smooth.

  4. Kari,

    I didn't even think about a fireplace. I don't know. This post might not have been such a good idea. After reading everyones must haves. I will need a complete writer's HOUSE!!! LOL ;)


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