To Series or Not to Series

So I just finished the LAST (I pray to the book GODS) book in a series. It was the SIXTH one. No it's not HP and I won't mention the name because I may be a little snarky in this post.

I know your asking "then why did you hang on for six books". CUZ I'm a hopeless romantic and optimist. I wanted to give the author one more chance to give me closure. I want the hero to ride through on his white stallion and save the day. I want the heroine to realize she is with the one she wants. I want the villain to die a painful death. What I got was an urge to stick a fork in my eye. At the end there was no real resolution. I didn't find out what happened to most of the main characters and the ending was the definition of anti-climatic.

I like a good 3 novel series. It might be that they feel like a whole story with a beginning, middle and end. It just feels right. Now don't get me wrong I love stand alones too. I love the ability to sit down with one book and know before I start I won't have to wait 6 months to a year to see what happens next. Sometimes I wonder if you lose readers in that time frame. Do they move on to other books and forget you have a sequel coming out? Do some readers not buy a series because of the wait for the sequels?

Do you prefer to read a series or stand alones? Do you plan on writing a series or are you a stand alone kind of writer?


  1. I like both! But usually I like series a few years after the last one is out. ;) I would probably be one of those readers who wanders off and never wanders back again. Now, the more loosely-connected series, like Discworld, are perfect for me b/c it's the best of both, I think.

    I have a school story series that's been a wip for most of my life, but that's intended for my children, not for publication. (Although I wouldn't be upset if it were published!)

  2. I'd say I enjoy both as long as the series and the stand alone have a satisfactory resolution. I hate it when I invest all that reading time into a novel only to have the story fall apart at the end or just have the story wander off the page. It makes no sense to me. With a series, I can understand why that might happen, but I think the reading public needs to know before jumping in, especially if they will only to be disappointed in the end when there is no follow up book.

  3. Su,
    Oh I haven't read Discworld. I'll have to check those out. What are they?

    Mary Mary,
    You're right. I can't stand it when I get to the last chapter and I'm like "What just happened or where's the rest of the book".

  4. They're fantasy/social satire. You have to have a certain kind of humour to like them... fortunately, I do. :) Terry Pratchett is the author.

  5. I love them both, but I'm with Mary Mary, each book needs to stand on it's own two feet. That means a beginning, middle and end.

  6. Su,

    Thanks I will put them on my TBR list. I have a very odd sense of humor. Very dark twisted with a nice dash of dryness.

    You said it.

  7. I love both-- as long as they're done well. :) Sometimes a series just drags on, and I lose interest. I try to write novels that work as stand-alones, but have the potential for more. The novel I'm finishing up now is like that. I have plans for a sequel for it, so we'll see if it happens!

    And thanks for joining the What's Your Process blogfest. I'm looking forward to seeing your post! :)

  8. Shallee,

    Thanks for stopping by hope you hang around. I'm excited about the What's Your Process blogfest. I always love a chance to see different styles.


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