Wednesday's Words and other tidbits

I had a very busy night and morning so I didn't get a Wednesday's Word ready. HOWEVER ( I love that word) here are some words of interest and explanations.


These are the word verifications that I ran into this morning while commenting on blogs. What I found interesting is the amount of people who use these in their wips. If you're world building and need a name for a thingamabob that shoots stars out of the sky what are you going to call it? How about a yastid laser? Or maybe the favorite drink of the Yabieer ambassador? You can use these random lettered words to spice up your world. Next time you comment instead of growling because you can't tell if it's an "o" or an "a" try the name out in your story.

A quick side note:

Kari Marie at A Sideways Journey to Life Long Bliss gave me the versatile blogger award. ( I only paid her a small amount this time) She is also having a 50+ follwer giveway contest. Cool goodies to win!! Please go check out her blog. I will pass that award on in my next post.

Talli Roland is hosting an A-Z in April blogfest. See her button in the sidebar.

Happy Writing to all my fellow Juginefs.


  1. I've gotten obscene word verifications. Congrats on your award!

  2. M Pax,
    NO WAY! Are you kidding me? That's toooo funny.

  3. Lisa - I'm going to start calling you SuperTwin. I wrote a note in my phone last night about doing a blog post on how to come up with your own words because a couple of the post verification words got me thinking. You_are_awesome. PS. I'm sending you an email.

  4. lol Well you do you a post anyway!

  5. I knew all those WVs had to be good for something!

    And just for kicks: subzclot. Oh, the possibilities...

  6. Thanks for the heads up about the blogfest.

  7. Word verifications...are they really random or is it the ghost in the machine telling your something?

  8. Angela,
    No problem. I try to post the ones I know about but I miss a lot.

    thanks, now I'm typing with one eye on the screen and one looking for ghost. ;)

  9. LOL good post - so glad you stopped by my blog today so I had an opportunity to come find yours:) New follower!

  10. Lindsay,
    Welcome. Glad you came by and hope to see you more.

  11. Congrats on the award. And I have joined Talli's blogfest as well. I look forward to reading your entries.

    I should name my characters after the word verification. I'm horrible at picking them.

  12. Clarissa,

    Thanks. Oh I know. Naming is the one thing I DON"T look forward too. Tall's blogfest is going to be fun. Can't wait to read yours too.


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