Wednesday's Word

Hey all. Well it's Wednesday again. I swear wasn't it just Wednesday last week? Anywho the word for this week is actually a spelling word from my ten yr olds spelling list. I figure if 4th graders are using it we should too right?

Drum roll please:

a person with expert knowledge or training

Well I can tell you I am a Connoisseur of many things. I have them listed below so as not to intimidate you in my expertise.

Things Lisa is a Connoisseur in:

1. matching dirty socks to the guilty party that left them under the bed
2. scraping "our experiment" off the ceiling fan/dog/mother-in-law etc
3. turning one pound of hamburger meat into a meal to feed four picky eaters.
4. Beating the garbage truck to the road with the dumpster because someone forgot it was their turn.
5. Chocolate. Marguritas. OOHHHH what if we had Chocolate marguritas?? I'm sorry i digress.

So I will strive to use Connoisseur today. Will you or will you try another word?

Happy Writing


  1. LOL, how about if you became a Professional Chocolate Marguritas Connoisseur!!! Yum. Actually, I might join you in that. Now, if we can just work out the best way to add choc-coated honeycomb to the drink :D~


  2. No problemo Rach. They can be our beer nuts. AHH Food of the Gods.

  3. Number two had me in stitches. Oh gosh! Remind me to tell you what my dog did to my mother in law's Christmas present.

    Great word. I'm going to have to practice spelling it for the rest of the day.

  4. I don't think I've ever used this word by speaking it out loud, but it is a good one! It sounds oh so pretty! :-)

    I am a connoisseur! nah! just kidding! haha

  5. Kari,
    which one was is it? I putting my money on Jakeeno (sp?)

    Well I didn't use it yesterday but I did today. LOL connoisseur of men!! Honey if you have them figured out you are WAY ahead of the rest of us. hehe

  6. LOL @ #1! It's not too hard for me, though, since there are only two sets of feet in my house.

  7. LOl I would still get the blame.


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