For Sale: A couple of slightly used characters.

In my online writing course that I have had the pleasure of taking, there is a lesson on hating your wip/characters. When I was on that lesson I was still in love with the story and all my peeps. Writing merrily along. Blissfully happy when my demons were causing chaos and killing innocents. Smiling when my protaganist had a backbone and honor. Swooning when my hero walked on set. Then it happened.

Last night my hubby was out of town and my junior demons where spending the night with grandma and I could get in some major writing time. I opened the door to my world and lo and behold the entire crew is just sitting around on the couch eating pizza. My muse is stuck. The demons won't fight the angels. The angels are giving the demons a second chance saying "maybe they just had a bad day when they slaughtered the priest" My protag is too worried about her hair and why she can't have the pretty knife and my hero is an a&&hole. What to do? (besides pull out my hair and reach for the remote)

I looked everywhere and I can't find a swap meet for characters. Not even a black market for unused fairies. Does everyone just tie a cinder block around their ankles and toss em in?

I didn't really want to murder my people. I had created them after all and deep down I still loved them. I just couldn't get them to behave.

I thought about an ad in the newspaper:
"swap your character"
I'll trade you one lazy, no fighting, scared of the dark demon for a overweight, can't ride a horse hero. (maybe I can at least put him on a diet)

But no such luck.

I have several avenues my class has provided me and I plan to do at least one. Maybe I'll kill off a major character or give one of them a really bad disease. OHH I could take away all their powers and see what happens. Whatever I do I know I WILL finish this wip and fix what's broken in revision. Crosses fingers,toes,eyes.

Have you ever wanted to shoot all your chracters or put them in the yard sale? If so what did you do to get over the hump?

Happy Writing


  1. Ok, first of all, I spit Coke on my computer screen while reading this. *cleans screen so I can correct typos*


    I can't really say I wanted to kill any one of my charaters yet, but I have swapped a few personality traits out once or twice.

    Throw the proverbial kitchen sink at them and see what happens!

  2. AAWW thanks Kari. You're so sweet. I'm going to tell you a secret. I'm whispering so you might have to lean in. I'm about to make one of them do a MAJOR betrayal. Not sure which one is going to be the betrayor or the betrayee but OOHHHH, it's going to be GOODDDDD.

  3. I loved this post! I absolutely hate it when my characters are just standing around picking their noses and giving you the dumbest look ever. What to do? Maybe take them on a walk and talk to them. See what's bothering them and try and get them back into the game. A good pep talk never hurts!

  4. Mary Mary- Oh that's too funny. Now I'm looking at them and pointing towards the tissues. lol

  5. (*chortles*) great post Lisa, and very amusing. I solved the problem I think - kill your MC up front and make them promise to behave if you bring them back ;)


  6. I love this post! So glad I'm not the only one that gets stuck with the "once awesome and now complete loser" characters.

  7. Rachael, Great idea especially since my working title is "Ressurection"

    Sylvia, NOOO your not a lone. I think every writer at some point or another has wanted to chunk the entire cast.


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