Wednesday's Word

Hey Everyone ;)

Since I'm new to the blogging world my post will be sporadic at first. I hope to settle into a nice routine that works with my writing time and my "other life". However I would like to start something called "Wednesday's Words". You might have done this in school or during the summer when your parents where tired of you complaining you were bored. No? OOOKK, so maybe just my parents. :) I do it to my kids and sometimes they like it but most of the time they fake like they do. (Anything to make them suffer. MMUUHHAAHHAAA)

As a new writer I feel constantly challenged to use more exciting words and expressions. My everyday vocabulary is just what it is. EVERYDAY VOCABULARY. I feel like it transfers over into my writing and makes for an everyday story.

With Wednesday's Words I want to introduce a word or phrase I don't normally say everyday. I want to use it at least once on Wednesdays and maybe make my vocab a little more colorful. Not to mention all the funny looks I'll get when I ask the bank teller to "please give me diminutive bills".

So the word for my very first Wednesday is :


I like this word for several reasons.

1. It feels good when I saw it. Even better if I say it slowly.
2. It brings to mind biting into a just picked over ripe peach , still warm from the sun.
3. The spelling looks pretty to me. Go figure.

So for today I shall strive to say Luscious at least once in a conversation.

Will you try for Wednesday's Word or will you try one of your own you've been dying to use? If you use your own what is it?

Happy Writing


  1. Luscious is a wonderful word. I'll try to use it today-thanks!

  2. I just found your blog. I like the idea of Wednesday's Words and you have a great set up so far - good luck. If you get a chance, please visit my new blog:

  3. Kari--Thanks I did it but it was hard. I'm going to have to work harder next week. :)

    Sylvia--Welcome and thank you. I will definitely visit. This is certainly a learning process and everyone has been very helpful. See ya around.

  4. I love this word. I don't use it as often as I should. Yes--it will be my word of TODAY since I saw it today instead of Wednesday.

    :-) Good feature idea!!

  5. Thanks Rane. I started with a word I like but I know I'll have to work in some I don't want to use just because they don't appeal to me. But that will take me out of my comfort zone and I have found some of my best character conversations are out of my comfort zone.

    Happy Writing


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