Genre's and other chocolate candies.

Since I'm new to this lovely thing called writing, I'm not sure about the lure of different genres. I have read almost every possible category and I get excited when I see a new one pop up. When I started writing a few months ago I didn't pay genres any attention. I was just tickled I was writing.

I started off writing YA. Not on purpose, that's just how my characters developed. However, a few chapters in I noticed a shift towards an older more mature overtone. I've decided to just let it flow and see where it takes me. I don't intend to write YA exclusively but when I look over my other ideas for future wips they all seem to be YA or could be with small adjustments.

I must admit I am a little confused as to why we have genres. I mean they're all books, right? Like those delicious chocolate candies. They're all the same but different shapes and flavors. So, do we seperate these lovely bound works of art just for the libraries to know where to put them? Or do we do it for the consumer so they can hurry to "their" section in the store or online. Or is it for the writer so we have some sort of boundry to stay in? Maybe it's our underlying human need to catergorize everything into an organized system of understanding. I don't know but I do know that just like those candies, I love them all!!

Do you find yourself staying true to one genre in both your writing and reading? Or do you like to spread your attention around?


  1. I think genres exist as a way of classifying, so we readers know what we're getting ourselves into before purchasing the book. I'd be horribly disappointed if I ended up buying a book with detailed descriptions of a murder scene. not like the CSI style murder mysteries. I tend to buy books out of the same genre, once in a while straying from my favorite genres. People know what they like and tend to stick to it...kind of like ordering your favorite thing at a restaurant every time you go there.

    :-) Thanks for following The Lit Express, and I look forward to reading your posts.

  2. Thanks for visiting Rane. This page is still in it's rough draft so please forgive any mistakes and confusion. I hope to have it settled soon. Your absolutely right about buying a book not "catergorized". I'm hoping its just a case of newbie writer flu that has me not settled into a genre. Thanks for the comment and The Lit Express has been very helpful.

  3. Lisa - Lovely blog! I read across genres as well, but the books I love always have the same themes and undertones (from my SSM). I have read however that most folks stay within genre. I think Holly mentioned in one of the lessons that sometimes readers will get upset if a favorite author changes their style or genre for a book. Especially if that author is known for a particular genre.

  4. Hi Kari. Its still being tweaked but thank you. I remember that one and that may have something to do with me thinking about it. I would like to think it would be easy to switch genres as needed but I suspect I won't be writing any space westerns!! But you never know.


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