I is For.......


In this day and age (I've always wanted to say that) we are inundated with information. Advertisements for material things. Directions on medicine bottles. Road signs, brochures, spam e-mail. Everyday there is someone else trying to tell us something new and amazing. It doesn't stop with the simplest things either. I understand directions on the airplane on how to put on your oxygen mask but do we really need a picture of someone washing their hands over a sink. Doesn't everyone over the age of 6 months KNOW you wash your hands in a sink? Then there is the problem of being misinformed on things. I know it's possible to have major confusion when something is being translated.

But when the information is given to you in your native language there really is no excuse. Now I wouldn't consider this information an out right lies but you be the judge.
Here's a bit of questionable information I have received over the years:

The Dr. explaining exactly how wide my unborn babies (yes, twins) heads were.

The estimate on your car repair will be your final bill.

No, this medicine doesn't cause nausea or diarrhea.

Waiting time from this point is 45 minutes.

Honest mom, I didn't......

Really honey those golf clubs ARE
my old ones.

Do you have any information you could have uses less/more of?


  1. For some reason I am an information magnet. People sit down beside me and start to tell me their whole life story. TOO MUCH information people!!!

  2. Still stuck on "mind crotch" - not sure what they were going for....

  3. Could be I'm mentally challenged, but every time my son brings information home from school, the reality is different from the letter that's sent. More to-the-point information is always needed in this case.

  4. "I've never been as old as I am right now."

    Awesome. On a side note, I read a book on the newly rich in China few years ago and how many culturally assumed things here had to be taught there. Things like, don't urinate in the elevator, don't pick you nose during business meetings, stuff like that. You never know what folks may not now.

  5. As usual, you have me in stitches. There's a guy I know who when you ask him how he is, he will give you every doctor appointment he's had in the last month. Talk about TMI.

  6. It's like how plastic bags are printed with THIS IS NOT A TOY. And our new health care cards arrived recently with sections that were imprinted with INTENTIONALLY BLANK!


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