Giveaway Winners!!!!! Oh and Answers too.

Hi All,

Yes , I know I'm late and I didn't even put up a Monday Funny Column. All I can say is you gotta love life, right? Well , technically no you don't, but then your $400 an hour psychologist just looks like a waste of money. I finally got around to my 200 follower giveaway and questions. I would like to thank everyone who has followed me and commented on my posts. A big congratulations to the winners. I'll contact you about your prizes. I swear. Promise. No lie.

First place is: Angela Felsted
Second Place is: Margo Berendsen
Third Place is: L. Diane Wolfe

Please go check out their blogs and check back soon for interviews. Part of the giveaway was for fellow bloggers to ask questions about me. Here they are.

What genres do you write in, and do you have a single one that's your favourite to read?
I started writing in YA fantasy but have one wip in MG. I don't know if I'll ever do it but I'm drawn to horror and humor. Maybe a stand-up-comic-zombie-slasher is in the works? :)

It's sounds like you live in a household full of males (human and animal), how does the make your life fun/interesting/insane, and how does it inform your writing?
I am the only female in a house full of testosterone. Both human and animal. It is completely insane. I think I have a better perspective on the male psyche but sometimes when I'm really sad about a scene they all look at me like "mommas lost it again" . I have to really work at not letting my female characters fade into the background. On the other hand all my MC females are really strong minded and don't wait for a rescue. I do have to work my writing around sports and really bad smelling laundry but I can manage. As long as the tequila bottle stays filled.

I want to know what's your theme song? That is, what song plays in your head when you think about your life?
OHHHHH. I LOVE this question. I really have many different lyrics that work with my life. It depends on my mood and what's happening but if I had to pick just one song....

"Ironic" by Alanis Morisette Lyrics Here

Of all the things you have written, is their one line that stands out in your mind, one that has you thinking . . . wow I wrote that!
Yes, but not so much for any eloquence but that it really hit the way I wanted to scene to go.

"Have you ever felt like the world was walking a straight line and you were slightly off center and two steps behind? That's how I feel every day. Every. Single. Day."

My question to you is: what's the one most valuable piece of advice you've learned from your writing course?
Oh way too hard. HMM. First off that I can't fix what I didn't write and that I need to trust my muse. Second is that EVERY SINGLE WRITER has written crap. Even the very best author out there has a first draft that looks like a flea ridden maggot barfed all over the page.

What are your goals as a writer? Specifically?
1. To finish my first ever novel.
2. To get an agent.
3. To get said novel published.
4. To be so stinking rich my breath turns to gold dust.
5. To wake up from my dream and finish my first ever novel.

What's your schedule like? I'm always interested in how others manage to balance work, life, networking and writing.
Right now it's pretty hazy. No, not because I'm drunk. Although.... When all the planets are aligned and the heavens have parted and the angels sing down upon me... I like to write in the mornings until about noonish Mon-Fri. NOTHING on the weekends. However, that is rarely the case so I still try to get something down on paper at least twice a week.

Do you think size matters?
OMG Yeah. What kind of question is that? Jeez. Uh. Oh . Do you mean in writing? Um well then. NO . As with anything (not remotely pervy :) ) size only matters if you are looking for it. Otherwise it's all about quality but if your the lucky few who happen to come across a largish well "worked" um book then that's wonderful.

So my question is: do you have any tips on funny? And how to write and get laughs?
No none. I would love to write funny stories. I love Erma Bombeck. Most people have plenty of funny things that happen in their life. I would say try to draw from that. Don't push to make things funny. Sorry I'm a slacker on this department even though I want to write in comedy eventually.

"Do you have a marketing plan and what does it look like?"
Yes. It's a slinky black teddy cut high on the thigh. I plan on pairing it with some leather boots and my.. I mean BUY a whip and chains and leather gag mask and go visit my PR. Honestly I haven't gotten that far but I will tell you that part scares me.

Question? What inspired you to start blogging?
What's the coolest thing you've learned since joining the

That's two questions. Your disqualified. HeHe. Well my fellow writing buddy Kari Marie gave me some advice on building a platform and mentioned I might want to start a blog now to get my name out there. I didn't realize I would love it. I think the coolest thing is being able to click a few buttons and speak to authors all over the world will varying degrees of advice, success and experience. Plus no one knows when I'm drinking.

Thanks guys and gals. Your the best!!!


  1. Lisa - Congratulations on your 200 followers and to your giveaway winners!

    These questions (and the answers) were so wonderful.

    And about writing comedy - I think you could do it right now. Today. Your "voice" is truly something that makes me smile every time.

  2. Kari,
    aww thanks. I really am thinking about it but you know how that goes.

    Thanks girlie!

  3. I'd say my favorite is "Do you think size matters?" Makes me wonder what they were thinking . . .
    Good answers to your questions!

  4. Ironic by Alanis--that would totally be my theme song too. That's my life.

    Great questions, great answers.

  5. These answers are great! Congratulations on your 200+ followers.

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  7. Glad to know my dirty mind finally got me somewhere. Great answers, and congrats on all your followers!

  8. Oh, you do know funny!!! the black teddy comment is proof of that. loved reading these, I'm smiling all over. Excited to see what I won!

  9. I think you DO know a thing or two about the funny side of writing. Love your goals, particularly the last one. Things for bringing a smile to my face Ms. Lisa.

  10. I signed up for the A-Z Blogging Challenge (number 472) and saw your name on the list so I just stopped by to check out your blog and say "Hi". I look forward to reading your "alphabet" posts in April.

  11. Hey, I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Powerful Woman Writer Award.

    Go to and pick up your award.


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