Wednesday's Word 3

I was talking with my children last night about today's post. Trying in vain to get an idea for a word that might prove interesting. Twin #2 asked if it could be more than one word and as usual I was stumped at his out of the box thinking. Of course it could be more than one word. The English language (and others) are full of phrases that we use everyday. So I believe I will start to sprinkle in phrases along with wonderful words to try to use. I decided I would try for something fun and unusual. This weeks phrase is"

"Mad as a Hatter"

I love this one. I've used it before but after watching Johhny Depps stellar performance in "Alice in Wonderland, " I use it more often.

According to some websites these few words mean crazy or delusional. Apparently people who made hats during and around the 19th century used Mercury in the hat making process. This could cause Mercury poisoning. People with Mercury poisoning are known to show anti-social behaviour, aggressiveness and wild mood swings.

Well if that's true than half the people I know are suffering from Mercury poisoning or have switched to decaf.

Today I will try to use "Mad as a Hatter".


  1. I'm so glad you picked this phrase:
    1. I love Johnny Depp and I just got in a good 15 minutes dreaming about him.
    2. I'm still workin on learning how to spell last week's word.
    3. I frequently use this phrase to describe myself. The hat/mercury thing Is cool!

    I learned a new word yesterday and thought of you. Sobriquet=nickname

  2. Yep Johnny Depp is certainly dream worthy. I keep leaving out a few letters on last weeks word. AAWW you thought of me. Hey Maybe I'll steal your word and use it one week. I was looking at the first letters (Sobri) and thought that might be an interesting name. eehh maybe not. ;)

  3. Oh yeah! I've heard that story before. So interesting. Thanks for sharing!

    I'm mad as a hatter for leaving all my work for the weekend :-/ ahhgg noooo LOL

  4. I've recently seen the film - how amazing it is, and yumyumyum... Johnny Depp!

  5. I love your sense of humor and these word or now "phrase" for Wednesdays are great. Extra points for making every woman in the world happy by thinking of Johnny Depp - it just proves not all men are created equal. ;-)

  6. I knew mercury poisoning could cause insanity. I remember our very odd college professor telling us that with an insane grin on his face. I didn't know about the hat makers. Thanks for continuing my education today.


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