Awards and the second post for today! YAY!

OH MY GOSH! When I finished my earlier post I went browsing and found out I had won my FIRST TIME EVER BLOGGING AWARD. Yes it has one of those echos when I say it too. M.J.A. Ware over at was kind enough to give me the Stylish Blogger award. Thank you so much. So here are the seven things about me and congrats to the ones I am sending this on to.

1. I'm boring. No really, sorta like plain yogurt.

2. I was in an earthquake in CA and in a hurricane in FL within 8 days of each other.

3. I wanted to be Spock when I was a kid so I taped my fingers together for an entire summer to learn the Vulcan greeting thingy.

4. I skipped school in Kindergarten and would have got away with it but I didn't know how to tell time and came home at lunch.

5. I have double jointed thumbs.

6. I can whistle just like a cricket.

7. I'm a mom to teenage twins and a 10 yr old and a wife but if I read a scary book I can't look under the bed. ( I know something is under there ready to get me)

There were so many to pick!! Drum roll please. The awards go to:

Kari at

Shallee at

Rachael at

Rane and the ladies at

Texanne at

Marieke at

Su at

From what I understand you now post about your award with a link back to my blog and tell us 7 things about you and send this award along to 7 more people. Congratulations!!


  1. *blushes* awe shucks. Thank you for the award! You are so many levels of awesomeness ahead of me on this blogging thing. Love you!

  2. OOh, what a pleasant surprise! Thanks! I did the tape-my-fingers thing to be a Vulcan, too. Also, if I had two natural disasters in a week, I'd get paranoid!!

  3. Kari,
    If it wasn't for you I wouldn't even know I should start one.

    I was a little nervous especially when I fuond out they hadn't had an earthquake in that area in 17 years. I was sooo ready for that business trip to end. hehe

  4. OoOOoOo I love awards. Thank you! :-) I think you've got a great blog going too! Keep it up!!


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